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top-quality paintballs.

Over many years of work, PROSHAR has consistently maintained the principles of highest quality standards using superior ground-breaking technologies and best practices in the paintball industry.

The company’s production line covers an area of more than 4000 square meters and integrates the very latest innovations in the soft gel industry. PROSHAR production facilities ensure smooth and uninterrupted delivery of goods as well as around the clock quality control of finished products. Our unique formulas have been developed with an intention to surpass the current industry standards. And thanks to our consistent investment into R&D as well as the use of a vast network of international specialists, all innovations are immediately implemented in the production chain.

Modern standards
Unique formula
Quality control
Environmentally friendly

PROSHAR – Best quality, Best Price

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Over the years, our technologically advanced production, ongoing commitment to R&D and strictest quality control practices; coupled with our continuing push for the popularization of paintball as a sport have allowed us to set a completely new standard in the paintball industry

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